Blood Specimen Collection FAQs

A must-have for anyone who performs,
teaches, trains, or supervises phlebotomy

Paperback — 378 pages
Publisher — Center for Phlebotomy Education
Product Dimensions — 7 x 5 x 6/8 inches
ISBN — 978-0-9700588-3-6

Answers to these — and hundreds more — of the most commonly asked questions on specimen collection are now yours in Blood Specimen Collection FAQs. Each answer is highly researched and reflects the current standards, guidelines, and published literature. Culled from the thousands of questions we’ve been asked by healthcare professionals around the world over the years, this reference is a must-have for anyone who performs, teaches, trains, or supervises phlebotomy. Topics include drawing during IV infusions, preventing hemolysis, investigating falsely elevated potassiums, safety, professionalism, centrifugation, infection control, venipuncture pain management, post-venipuncture care, specimen storage & transportation, and much more.

"Dennis Ernst is an articulate voice of authority in the world of phlebotomy. His answers to the questions that appear in Blood Specimen Collection FAQs are concise and well-referenced."
Cathee Tankersley, Faculty Emeritus, Phoenix College/ coauthor of Phlebotomy Essentials, 4e.

"I ordered Blood Specimen Collection FAQs for myself. I love it! It is very helpful. I like the question and answer format, and the answers are very user-friendly. The book is easy to read. So many topics mirror issues we confront daily. I would like to order multiple copies for the hospitals and clinics that I work with."
Diane Young, Ancillary Testing Coordinator, Gainesville, Florida

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