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This subscription rate allows staff and students three years of unlimited access to the titles licensed to the facility for three years. That's less than $100/ year! (One-year subscription not available.) (Access subject to the Terms of Use.)

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Do you want your staff to receive continuing education credit for viewing Phlebotomy Channel offerings? For a $15 processing fee, each viewer can take a quiz that assesses their comprehension and receive P.A.C.E. credit to help maintain their certification.*

* Most phlebotomy certification agencies accept P.A.C.E. continuing education credits. Check with your certification agency. Minimum passing score of 70% or better required for certificate.

Current Titles

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Applied Phlebotomy training videos

Applied Phlebotomy Lecture Collection

For years, our Executive Director Dennis J. Ernst MT(ASCP) has given hundreds of conference presentations to audiences around the world. Now, his most popular presentations are available to you and your staff or students through the Phlebotomy Channel as studio-recorded lectures.

Archived Webinars