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Laminated posters on anatomy and tips for blood sample collection.

Set of all four posters

Code | #8450
Price | $69.99
Quantity in Basket | none

Save almost $10 when you purchase our 4-poster set.


Order of Draw Poster

Code | #8500
Price | $12.99
Quantity in Basket | none

This full-color poster, measuring 10" x 22" and laminated for protection and longevity, depicts the order in which blood collection tubes must be filled to prevent additive carryover from altering test results. The poster depicts tube stoppers representing the most commonly used tubes and includes text explaining their position in the order, as established by the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI).
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“Accurate Results Begin With Me!” Poster

Code | #8400
Price | $19.99
Quantity in Basket | none

Display this full-color, 16" x 20", laminated poster in high visibility areas and watch your staff or students be drawn into reading the 30+ tips on specimen collection embedded within the starburst design. Includes CE questions.
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Blood Collection Sites & Precautions Wall Atlas

Code | #8300
Price | $29.99
Quantity in Basket | none

This colorful, detailed illustration of the anatomy of the antecubital area — the only one of its kind — shows approximate locations of nerves, veins, and the brachial artery. Detailed text discusses the precautions necessary to prevent patient injury and alternative venipuncture sites. All information on this 17" x 22" laminated poster reflects the current Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute’s venipuncture standard (H3-A6). Includes CE questions.
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Ten Commandments of Phlebotomy Poster

Code | #8000
Price | $16.99
Quantity in Basket | none

A laminated 16" x 20" poster graphically depicting 10 proposed “Commandments of Phlebotomy” in full-color art. Suitable for framing or posting in specimen collection and/or processing areas. Posting these proposed “commandments” reinforces blood sample collection and handling practices that every healthcare professional should obey.
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