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Sooner or later, everyone gets a blood test. That’s because we can see the status of your health - or extent of your illness - by testing your blood for one or more of the thousands of components circulating through your veins. To properly treat, medicate, diagnose, and manage your health, your physician needs to know the secrets that only a blood test can reveal.

Phlebotomy, the name of the procedure for taking a sample of blood from your circulation, is the most commonly performed medical procedure. Physicians rely on laboratory test results for 70 percent of the objective information they receive on your health status. Yet obtaining a blood sample is not at all as simple as some make it look. It’s a highly detailed procedure that can, if performed improperly, lead to injury and long-term complications, change the results before the laboratory even tests the sample, and cause physicians to misdiagnose, over or under-medicate, and generally mismanage their patients.

This site is dedicated to educating patients about phlebotomy, and getting their blood drawn for laboratory testing.