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The following is a select list of phlebotomy-related links to sites with interesting and informative content. If you have a phlebotomy-related website you would like for us to include, please contact us.

Schools and Certification

Phlebotomy School Directories
Provides advice on how to find a phlebotomy school in your area and includes a state-by-state search function. Also lists hallmarks of a good phlebotomy program.

Phlebotomy Certification Agencies
A complete list of recommended phlebotomy certification agencies in the U.S. according to our standards of excellence.

For California Phlebotomists

California Phlebotomy Certification— Managed by the California Department of Public Health, this site provides links to applicable laws and regulations for phlebotomy certification. Listings of phlebotomy training schools and national certification examinations, which have been approved for state certification purposes are included. The most common questions and answers concerning California phlebotomy regulations are also provided, along with a link for phlebotomists to apply online for certification.

Phlebotomy Jobs

Getlabs— is hiring phlebotomists to provide in-home phlebotomy services in the Phoenix, AZ area.

Phlebotek— Provides medical staffing and job placement services exclusively to phlebotomists and employers who seek them.

Career Builder— Lists phlebotomy and other healthcare positions in your area. Includes useful utilities like salary and resume tools and valuable tips on how to give an interview.—Lists phlebotomy jobs searchable by geographic area.— HMonster is a career management site designed for the needs of healthcare professionals. In addition to allowing visitors to find open positions in Phlebotomy and all other healthcare disciplines, HMonster visitors can chat with a healthcare expert for guidance on career options, interact with other medical/laboratory professionals, calculate salaries in different parts of the country, find information on continuing education, read industry news, and sign up for job alerts.

Kelly Services— Kelly Services, Inc. offers a job search and résumé posting service on its website. Kelly Services provides temporary staffing services, staff leasing, outsourcing, vendor on-site and full-time placement and employment to more than 700,000 employees annually.

SimplyHired— Pulls listings from thousands of sites across the web, including job boards, company sites, newspapers, non-profit organizations, and government sites. A good resource for finding more information about a specific location’s job market.

The Job Fool— Founded in 2006, this site connects job seekers with job opportunities and employers with qualified candidates for their job openings.

LinkUp— Searches jobs on thousands of company sites, allowing the user to apply to job openings found directly on company websites.

Glassdoor— A free career community that givers users an inside look at jobs and companies. Includes salaries, company reviews, interview questions, and more.

Liability Insurance for Phlebotomists

CoverWallet - CoverWallet offers insurance to phlebotomists and other medical professionals, helping their medical practice stay up-and-running in the case of a lawsuit.

ASCLS membership benefit— Join the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Sciences and qualify for professional liability insurance.

HPSO—The Healthcare Providers Service Organization offers professional liability insurance to phlebotomists, other healthcare professionals and students.

ACHP— The American Council of Healthcare Professionals offers professional liability to a wide variety of healthcare professions, including phlebotomists. Annual premiums for $1 million/$3 million coverage is $62.

Other Related Web Sites

Dan the Lab Safety Man— Dan Scungio offers information on lab safety, OSHA compliance, safety training, the Academy for Lab Safety Excellence webinar series as well as information on the services of this highly recruited safety consultant.

The Empowered Healthcare Manager— This blog posts short and almost daily tips and inspirations for those who manage healthcare teams and departments.

Phlebotomy on— The Center for Phlebotomy Education's channel with a growing list of free video clips on a wide variety of phlebotomy topics.

The Phlebotomy Channel— The Phlebotomy Channel is the Internet's only portal for streaming titles exclusive to phlebotomy.

The Fritsma Factor— A forum developed by coagulation guru George Fritsma designed as a place to access and share knowledge, information and insight about the world of hemostasis.

Hospital Safety Score— Provides a search feature allowing visitors to view the Hospital Safety Score for hospitals in their area. The Hospital Safety Score is calculated using publicly available data on patient injuries, medical and medication errors, and infections.

PulmoLab— Online phlebotomy supply superstore. Your complete source for blood collection supplies and equipment.

Safe In Common— a non-profit organization established in 2010 to enhance and save the lives of U.S. healthcare at risk of harm from needlestick injuries.

Allied Health World— Contains one of the best and most comprehensive descriptions of the phlebotomy profession, what a phlebotomist does, and the training required.

Lab Tests Online— A public resource on clinical lab testing from the laboratory professionals who do the testing. Helps users learn about the many clinical laboratory tests that are part of routine care and serves as a quick reference tool for medical professionals.

The Empowered Patient Coalition— a charitable organization devoted to helping the public improve the quality and safety of their healthcare.

Salary Survey— Provides a current range of annual salaries for phlebotomists and all other allied healthcare professions.

National Association of Phlebotomists— The United Kingdom’s national phlebotomy association. Their mission: “Taking Phlebotomy forward through professional recognition, the sharing of knowledge and the development of skills.” Site contains contact information, history of the organization, educational opportunities, meetings, and a newsletter.

The Phlebotomist’s Association of Ireland— Set up in 1995 by the members of the phlebotomy profession, PAI addresses various issues of concern to the profession and meets the needs of phlebotomists throughout the country.— An online source for education and data on the preanalytical phase of laboratory testing. The site provides a quick, easy path to a comprehensive selection of relevant literature, raises awareness of preanalytical variables in the laboratory and medical community, and improves the safety and efficiency of the laboratory services by controlling preanalytical variables.

Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI)— A globally recognized, voluntary consensus standards-developing organization that enhances the value of medical testing within the healthcare community through the development and dissemination of standards, guidelines, and best practices.

American Nurses Association— A good source of information on nursing issues and organization, but those who follow needle-safety legislation will find current information on state and national initiatives to be helpful.

International Healthcare Worker Safety Center— Maintained by the University of Virginia Health System, this site offers information on available needle safety devices, exposure estimates, seroconversions following exposures to bloodborne pathogens, state legislative activity, and an exposure prevention checklist.

Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)— A direct source of documents and resources affecting those who collect, process, and test biological fluids. Includes OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogens Standard (1910.1030).