Phlebotomy Channel All-Access Pass (annual subscription)

Phlebotomy Channel All-Access Pass (annual subscription)

Phlebotomy Channel All-Access Pass (annual subscription)


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Valued at nearly $1700 if each title was purchased separately, this all-inclusive subscription streams the most current and relevant videos available to those who perform, teach, and manage blood collection procedures.

With an All-Access pass to the Phlebotomy Channel, you and your staff or students have access to the entire library of 21 videos, lectures, and archived webinars anytime and anywhere.

Titles currently available:

  • Basic Venipuncture
  • Preventing Preanalytical Errors
  • Avoiding Phlebotomy-Related Lawsuits
  • Skin Punctures & Newborn Screens
  • Arterial Blood Gas Collection
  • Managing the Risks of Patient Injury
  • Mastering Pediatric Phlebotomy
  • Potassium Results Your Physicians Can Trust
  • Successful Strategies for Difficult Draws
  • Safety Survey Webinar: How Vulnerable Are You to a Needlestick?
  • Preanalytical Benchmarks: How Does Your Lab Compare?
  • The Ten Commandments of Phlebotomy
  • Seizing Control of Blood Culture Contamination Rates
  • Ending Hemolysis in the ED... and Everywhere Else
  • Assessing Phlebotomy Competency
  • Phlebotomy C.S.I. (Challenging Stick Investigation)
  • Delivering World-Class Customer Service
  • Four Pillars of World-Class Phlebotomy
  • Nightmare on Phlebotomy Street
  • Preanlytical Errors: Real People, Real Suffering
  • I am a Professional, a Perfectionist, a PHLEBOTOMIST!

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