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CLSI's Venipuncture Standard, GP41-A7

CLSI's Venipuncture Standard, GP41-A7
    CLSI's Venipuncture Standard, GP41-A7
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    Publisher: Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute
    Release date: April, 2017
    Pages: 86
    Table of Contents and sample pages

    By special arrangement with the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute, we are able to offer our customers copies of Collection of Diagnostic Blood Specimens by Venipuncture — Seventh Edition. This latest revision, released in April, 2017, is the most comprehensive revision in its history. It sets the standard by which venipunctures are to be performed, and should be the basis of every facility’s written procedure. To properly manage the risk of injury and liability, make sure your policies reflect the provisions in this important document.

    Features of the revision include:

    • A comprehensive literature review of over 400 articles and studies
    • 56 new references
    • 149 new mandatory requirements for the procedure
    • A new reader-friendly design in full color with more images, tables, and graphic elements
    • Complete reorganization as a Quality Management Systems document

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