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Phlebotomy Pocket Pack

Phlebotomy Pocket Pack
    Phlebotomy Pocket Pack
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    Perfect for gifting or giving to yourself, this pack puts phlebotomy tips in your pocket, on your lanyard and at your fingertips. Set includes:
    • Tips card: Keep this durable, laminated compact card handy to have a pocket reminder of key concepts in the CLSI venipuncture standard including the order of draw, and tips on specimen collection. The reverse shows the anatomy of the antecubital area featuring veins, arteries, and nerves.
    • Order of Draw Pen: The barrel graphic on this black ink pen serves as a constant reminder of the proper order in which tubes must be filled.
    • Badge tag: laminated and punched for easy attachment to lanyards and ID badges, this badge tag keeps the Order of Draw for blood collection tubes and seven key tips in handling blood samples right where it's needed for easy reference.

    Looking for a quantity discount? Click on each component above and assemble as many Pocket Packs as you need.

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