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AMT Names Phlebotomist of the Year

by Dennis Ernst • October 07, 2017

American Medical Technologists named Chantal Jordan RMA, RPT, CMAS as 2017's Phlebotomist of the Year at its annual conference in Kansas City, Missouri this summer. 

Chantal Jordan (right) with her mom (middle) and son Corey (left)

Ms. Jordan is the Clinical Lead at Georgia Urology in Atlanta, Georgia where she's worked for the last 11 years. Phlebotomy Today-STAT! caught up with the rising star to see what makes a world-class phlebotomist tick. 

Phlebotomy Today: What part of your job gives you the greatest satisfaction? 
Chantal Jordan: The greatest satisfaction with my job would be meeting the need of each patient I come in contact with. Out of fear, many patients request a skillful person when performing phlebotomy. I always aim for success on the first stick. 

PT: How did it feel to receive the award?
CJ: Receiving the RPT Award of the year was so exciting. I have always wanted to receive a national award from AMT, and look forward to receiving more in the future. I would like to acknowledge them for honoring me. This is a moment that I will never forget.

PT: Why did you become a phlebotomist?
CJ:  I enjoy obtaining blood specimens; it has a meaning with me. I feel like I am assisting in a diagnosis by obtaining the blood specimen for lab processing. When I was first learning ultrasound and phlebotomy in school, I enjoyed interacting with patients and facing the challenge of obtaining blood specimens properly. The vein may not always be in sight, but you can feel them. I enjoy attending blood draw events in the community because I'm able to come in contact with patients who might not have healthcare insurance, but it gives them the opportunity at little or no cost to find out if they need medical care based on the lab results.

PT: What advice would you give someone who is thinking about becoming a phlebotomist? 
CJ: Be sure to know the order of draw. Be courteous and fearless when encountering a patient. And to remember that just because you can't always see a vein, you can feel the vein. It's not about the look, it's about the bouncing back of the vein. Also, follow your heart and take your time when collecting blood specimens.The phlebotomist plays a major role in the healthcare field for our patients. In general without proper training, the specimen is not likely to be obtained properly, which threatens the proper diagnosis for the patient. Keep the determination and dedication.

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