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What's Wrong Here?

Can you spot what's wrong with the technique in this image?

by Dennis Ernst • June 18, 2019


drawing blood with two fingers stretching skin

This month's image depicts an anchoring technique referred to as the "two-finger stretch" or "C-hold." It's a method of anchoring in which the vein is secured both above and below the intended puncture site. However, it's easy to see how vulnerable the index finger is to a needlestick. All that has to happen to plunge the collector into six months of fear is for the patient to jump or the phlebotomist to be bumped from behind. The contaminated needle comes out and impales the index finger, positioned perfectly for the exposure. 

Whenever a finger is positioned in front of a needle, it's begging to be stuck. Instead of using the two-finger stretch, anchor the vein firmly from below the intended puncture site only. It's a sufficient compromise, and likely to be just as effective. You'll sleep better, too.

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