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ASCP Releases Salary Survey

Some gains, some losses in 2015 survey.

by Dennis Ernst • July 05, 2017

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In April, the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) released the results of a laboratory professions' salary survey it conducted in 2015.

The average hourly wage for staff phlebotomists was $14.97 compared to $15.60 in ASCP's 2013 survey. Lead phlebotomists earned $16.96 on average ($16.71 in 2013), while phlebotomy supervisors earned an average of $21.08. No supervisory wage was reported in the 2013 survey.

Phlebotomists with less than five years of experience earned an average wage of $13.61, with increases of $1/hour for every five years of experience. Wages for phlebotomists with over 20 years of experience seems to cap at $18.00 per hour.

The average annual salary for staff phlebotomists in 2015 was reported as $31,142. Lead phlebotomists earned $35,275, while supervisors earned $43,843.

Staff phlebotomists received the highest average wage in Washington ($18.39) while Michigan paid the lowest average wages at $13.25.

Forty-five percent of respondents worked in the following states: Texas, California, Minnesota, Ohio, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Florida, Wisconsin, and North Carolina. Over 1000 phlebotomists responded to the survey, which also included 13 other laboratory professions.

Read the entire survey results.

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