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BD Reinvents the Needle

by Dennis Ernst • May 04, 2016

If you thought venipuncture needles had advanced as far as technology can take them, think again. Last month, BD (Franklin Lakes, New Jersey) released the Ultra Touch™ push-button collection set with its patented PentaPoint™  bevel. According to a company press release, the new Ultra Touch Push Button Blood Collection Set uses proprietary needle technology to help enhance the patient experience when a winged blood collection set is required.

The upgraded push-button wing set includes BD's RightGauge™ technology, which increases the needle’s inner diameter and enables clinicians to select a smaller gauge needle without sacrificing sample quality and blood flow. The PentaPoint(TM) tip is a patented 5-bevel design that creates a flatter, thinner surface to help penetrate the skin with significantly greater ease. The new device has been shown to reduce penetration forces by up to 32 percent and increase collection speed because of its larger interior diameter. A video on the company's web site shows the Ultra Touch 25-gauge needle fills a 5-mL SST tube faster than it's 23-gauge predecessor.

"The ability to use smaller gauge needles should also help those who draw blood samples access veins more successfully," said Dr. Stankovic. "This could prove valuable for oncology, geriatric and pediatric patients who often have difficult or fragile veins."

According to Dr. Stankovic, phlebotomists have been traditionally reluctant to use smaller gauge needles, like 25-gauge needle as opposed to a 23-gauge for fear of hemolysis, even though it would likely increase their ability to access a patient’s vein.  "With the UltraTouch blood collection sets, healthcare professionals who perform venipunctures can select the gauge that is most appropriate for their patients, without compromising sample quality, testing accuracy and their own efficiency."


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