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Center's Director to Log 500th Conference Presentation

by Dennis Ernst • March 07, 2018

IMG_20141112_144126857Sometime this year, Dennis J. Ernst MT(ASCP), NCPT(NCCT), will deliver his 500th conference presentation.

Ernst's first conference presentation took place at the annual meeting of the Indiana chapter of the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science in Angola, Indiana. Since then, he's given public and private presentations on a wide variety of phlebotomy and management topics in 39 states and 11 countries.
     "I remember them all as if it were yesterday," says Ernst, who directs the Center for Phlebotomy Education and edits Phlebotomy Today. "They've all been unique in some way, and many were the backdrop of experiences I'll never forget."

As an example, Ernst cites the time he was in a hotel lounge in Salt Lake City for the Clinical Laboratory Educator's Conference when someone across the room pointed at him and shouted "Look, it's him! It's the man in the movie!" referring to his appearance in the Center's Basic Venipuncture video.
     "Then there's the time I left my wallet in a taxi cab on my way into the CDC offices in Atlanta to address the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act Advisory Committee on credentialing phlebotomists," says Ernst. "Suddenly, my biggest concern wasn't delivering an effective presentation or even how I was going to get into the CDC without identification, but 'how am I going to get home?" His wallet was never recovered.

This year, Ernst will be delivering 22 presentations in 9 cities across North America on a wide variety of preanalytic topics. Exactly which lecture will be #500, Ernst isn't sure. "Over the years I've kept pretty good records, but I know my count is off by a dozen or so. But this is definitely the year." 

When asked about his most unusual venue, Ernst recalled the time he lectured at the Millstone Nuclear Power plant in Connecticut. "There was so much energy in the was electric. And I got such glowing reviews."


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