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Cops in Washington State Trained to Draw Blood

by Dennis Ernst • March 09, 2017

IStock_Gavel&Scale-Medium - CopyThe state of Washington joined Arizona and Idaho as states with jurisdictions that have trained law enforcement officers to draw blood samples from DUI suspects.

So far, six officers in Lakewood, Washington, south of Tacoma, have undergone training to draw blood samples in an effort to reduce the time required to gather valuable evidence to prosecute drunk drivers. According to an article published online by FOX affiliate Q13, the program's objective is meant to speed up the process for booking DUI suspects. 

The officers are all certified by the Washington Department of Health after having completed their phlebotomy course at Bates Technical College. In Washington, those who draw blood samples must be certified medical assistants with a phlebotomy designation (MA-P). The program is funded with a $50,000 grant from the Washington Traffic Safety Commission.

Law enforcement Nampa, Idaho and Tucson, Arizona have been drawing blood samples from DUI suspects since 2015.

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