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What's Wrong Here?

Please don't tell me you draw blood this way.

by Dennis Ernst • September 11, 2019


incorrect way to fill a blood tube

What's wrong with this picture? We guarantee something isn't as it should be. Notice that the tube is being filled with a multi-sample needle without benefit of a tube holder adapter? You're likely wondering why someone would ever try this, but we hear of healthcare professionals performing this dangerous maneuver frequently. Apparently, the risk of needlestick is not as obvious with this technique as you might think. 

To illustrate the potential to sustain a needlestick from the back end of a multi-sample needle, click to enlarge the second illustration at the right. The vinyl sleeve offers no protection from the needle that pierces tube stoppers when a tube holder is not used. Whenever a multi-sample needle is used, it must be connected to a tube holder. Omitting this important piece of equipment is reckless and potentially catastrophic to the user. 

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