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What's Wrong Here?

Can you identify this all-too-familiar error?

by Dennis Ernst • February 06, 2020


drawing blood

What's wrong with the picture to the left? I guarantee something isn't as it should be. What we're looking at is gloveless phlebotomy. While every country except the U.S. makes glove use during phlebotomy optional, the risk is the same everywhere. Namely, the potential to be infected with one or more of over 20 bloodborne pathogen from breaks in the skin and careless practices when drawing and handling blood.

Many argue that gloves don't prevent accidental needlesticks, which is true. However, studies have found that those who are wearing gloves during an accidental needlestick are less likely to acquire a bloodborne pathogen like HIV or Hepatitis C. That's because the glove material wipes off up to 86 percent of the blood that would otherwise be implanted into their flesh.  

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