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From the Editor's Desk

by Dennis Ernst • October 07, 2017


I rarely editorialize in this newsletter, but I'm willing to bet you'd like something off-topic now and then. Until now, you'd have to be a subscriber to our flagship newsletter, Phlebotomy Today, to get this column. It's been a favorite among Phlebotomy Today readers for 17 years. I'll reveal in a moment why PT-STAT! readers will be see it more frequently.

From where I sit, the world of phlebotomy and the preexamination phase (formerly preanalytical) of laboratory medicine is evolving at an incredible pace. As subscribers to the only free monthly newsletter devoted exclusively to phlebotomy, you see evidence of that in every issue. I scour the planet for new studies, innovations, regulations and developments every month to keep you on the bleeding edge of the industry. That's probably why we're closing in on ten thousand subscribers, and why they forward each issue to thousands of other healthcare professionals around the world. That's just fine with us. We want this newsletter in the hands of everyone who draws blood samples, so feel free to pass it along. Most free newsletters boast a 7-15 percent "open rate." To have an open rate consistently over 100%, as this newsletter enjoys, is unheard of in any industry. Why? Content. We know what you want in a newsletter and we've been nailing it every month since 2000. 

Early next year, we are merging our two newsletters into one. Phlebotomy Today-STAT! will live on in its current format as Phlebotomy Today, and will remain free of charge. No action is required on your part to continue receiving this newsletter. You can expect the same high-quality reporting, informative columns, and accurate information you have come to trust in every issue. In addition, I will be incorporating my column into the merged newsletter. This month, I'm sharing with the rite of passage I recently ushered my 4-year-old grandson through.

If you have a moment, follow me.

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