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New Startup Developing At-home Blood Tests

by Dennis Ernst • April 06, 2016

BloodTestTextGraphicBob Messerschmidt helped Google develop the Apple Watch. Now he's with Cor (San Francisco) developing a device that lets consumers test their own blood.

The Cor device is the size of an electric toothbrush, and utilizes disposable cartridges. The consumer obtains a blood sample by pressing the cartridge against their skin, then inserts it into a reader, which uses "patented vibrational spectroscopic technology" to analyze the sample for cholesterol, (total, HDL and LDL) triglycerides and fibrinogen. The results are sent to the cloud and after about five minutes, the user receives a report on his/her smart phone interpreting the results. With the exception of fibrinogen, the user does not receive the numerical value of the test result, but insights that guide them to make better choices in terms of supplements, diet and exercise.

Currently, the device is being tested by contributors to Cor's Indiegogo campaign. Donors are being asked to pay $149, which includes a three-month supply of cartridges. When launched, Cor expects to charge $299 for the reader, plus $10 per month for cartridges. 

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