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What's Wrong Here?

Can you identify what's not right with this image?

by Dennis Ernst • May 06, 2020


overflowing sharps container

I guarantee something isn't as it should be with this picture.

Whenever a biohazardous waste receptacle is overfilled, especially one that holds contaminated sharps, every healthcare professional who handles it is put at risk. Such containers should be closed and discarded when they reach 2/3 of their capacity. When allowed to overfill, sharps containers pose a serious risk to all who encounter it and those who eventually discard them. Closing the lid on an overfilled container is a risky procedure and must be prevented.

Those who encounter overfilled devices should report them to their immediate supervisor or safety officer so that the situation isn't repeated. Discarding overfilled devices must be done with extreme caution and only with proper training to manage the risk. 

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