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Phlebotomist Credited With Saving 2 Lives in 9 Days

by Dennis Ernst • October 05, 2018

Life preserver logoA hospital in Eaton Rapids Michigan is glad they have Ashley Wing as one of their phlebotomists. Twice this summer over a nine-day period, Wing administered CPR, saving the lives of a patient in the facility's parking lot and a coworker sitting next to her in a break room.

Employed in the lab at Eaton Rapids Medical Center, Wing performed CPR within seconds of witnessing both emergencies. Authorities at the facility say neither person would have survived if she wasn't at the right place at the right time.

On June 22, Wing was conversing with a coworker when she grew silent and fell to the floor. She noticed her lips turning blue, called the ER and administered CPR. Her friend and coworker had suffered a cardiac arrest. After four days in the hospital and six weeks recovering, she returned to work forever grateful Wing was not only at her side when she needed her, but prepared to act.

On July 1, only nine days later, Wing was near the front doors of the hospital when a man in yelling about someone in a parked car who had stopped breathing. Instinctively, she sprung to action again, performed CPR, and called the emergency department on her cell phone. The patient survived.

Wing credits her experience in healthcare and her employer's CPR training program for knowing what to do and not having to stop and think about it. 

Read the full story and view Wing's account of the event.


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