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Phlebotomist Now Closing Million-Dollar Deals

by Dennis Ernst • December 11, 2017

Shutterstock_289015187It's often been said phlebotomy is a gateway profession. For phlebotomist Amanda Craven, the gateway opened an opportunity for her to sell close to $1 million in contracts for her employer, Associated Pathology Medical Group in San Francisco.

According to an article in Forbes, Craven credits her respect for potential customers, her medical industry expertise and her inexhaustible patience to attract potential customers naturally. Although she's still a California-licensed phlebotomist, Craven now spends her time visiting medical practices across Northern California recruiting Associated Pathology's anatomical pathology laboratory services. 

It's a far cry from her days drawing blood at the UC Davis Medical Center, but the phlebotomist-turned-salesperson seems to have found her niche. Even though she used to consider sales positions equivalent to "greasy car salesmen," she apparently has found a way to keep the gatekeepers in the laboratory industry from casting her in the same light.

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