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Phlebotomists Part of Overwhelming Response

phlebotomists part of an overwhelming response in California

by Dennis Ernst • April 06, 2020

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Phlebotomists and other healthcare professionals signed up in large numbers to work on the front lines of the pandemic in California last month.

According to an article in the Los Angeles Times, over 25,000 healthcare professionals responded the day after Governor Gavin Newsom created the California Health Corps to deal with an anticipated surge in coronavirus cases. Phlebotomists, radiologists, EMTs, doctors, nurses and others, were specifically recruited. According to Newsome's executive order, retired health care workers, those who have applied for a medical license, and students enrolled in medical or nursing schools but who have not yet graduated were invited to apply.

According to an article on the KUSI News site, Facebook has donated $25 million to support the initiative, providing stipends for the workers, hotel accommodation, transport and childcare.


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