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Phlebotomists Recognized as Key Players Against Covid-19

On the frontline of the pandemic

by Dennis Ernst • July 03, 2020

Phlebotomy News

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An article in the Pioneer Press (Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota) recently put the phlebotomy profession in the spotlight as "unsung front-line workers" critical to the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Journalist Frederick Melo put phlebotomists on the pedestal in an article quoting a phlebotomist and a "lab care tech" whose duties now involve collecting nasal swabs from elderly patients at long-term care facilities around the Twin Cities.

Redeployed on the front lines to test for coronavirus in the population most likely to die from it are Casey Block and Tonya Heller, members of M Health Fairview’s “Swab Squad.” According to the article, lab manager Melissa Rist, also a member of the Swab Squad, what they've learned about the virus since March has been significant in keeping the staff safe, though she admits there is still much to learn. 

Read the full story.

[Blogger's Note: We were recently made aware of A blog post in LabBLOGoratory putting phlebotomists in a very positive light for their contributions to patient care. We thank our friend Garland Pendergraph for bringing this to our attention.]


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