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Phlebotomy Shop Now Open

Merchandise that promotes you and your profession

by Dennis Ernst • June 15, 2021


The Phlebotomy Shop

As you know, I've been a tireless promoter of the phlebotomy profession. It makes perfect sense, then to open an online merchandise store just for phlebotomists. I'm excited to announce The Phlebotomy Shop is now open!

The Phlebotomy Shop offers apparel, totes, coffee mugs, and more printed with phlebotomy-related images and text. Sure, there may be other sites with similar merchandise, but can you trust them? Do they cast phlebotomists in a professional light? Do those who run the store even know what a phlebotomist is? Maybe maybe not. 

All that and more is baked into The Phlebotomy Shop. so take a look. We're always looking for new ways to promote you and the profession, so if you don't find what you're looking for, contact us.

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