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Product Spotlight: Order of draw badge tags

by Dennis Ernst • November 03, 2017

OODLanyardCard_2sided_400wDo those who draw blood samples in your facility realize the order of draw is critical to accurate results, or do they think it's a myth? If they think it's a myth, the Center for Phlebotomy Education can help dispel it. 

First, print our PDF titled Do I have to Follow the Order of Draw from our Free Stuff web page and post it where everyone who draws blood can see it. 

Secondly, distribute our Order of Draw Badge Tag to your staff to attach to their ID badge so the order of draw is always in front of them. The Order of Draw Badge Tag graphically depicts the order of draw and explains why it's necessary. On the reverse are nine tips on proper tube filling and handling including:

  • Fill all tubes according to the proper order of draw 
  • Mix all tubes with a gentle inversion 5-8 times, 3-5 times for citrate tubes
  • Never combine the contents of two tubes
  • Fill all tubes to the manufacturer's fill line
  • Never refrigerate tubes to be tested for K+ prior to centrifugation
  • Allow serum tubes to clot upright for 20-30 minutes prior to centrifugation
  • When filling tubes from a syringe, always use a safety-transfer device.

The Order of Draw Badge Tag is printed in full color and laminated for durability. Each 10-pack contains 10 identical copies of the card for distribution to phlebotomists, nurses and all on staff who draw blood samples.

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