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Product Spotlight: The Phlebotomy Channel

by Dennis Ernst • December 02, 2016

PCTVvideoPromoScreenShotWhy assemble your staff and trainees in one room to watch a DVD when you can assign them to watch the streaming version at their convenience? Freeing yourself up to accomplish your more pressing tasks is good time management.

Why worry about losing your only copy of the DVD everyone else wants to borrow. Streaming videos can't get lost or damaged. 

Once you subscribe to the Phlebotomy Channel, you'll not only get more productive, you'll get:

  • Seventeen of the most popular phlebotomy training videos on the planet;

  • Instant access anytime anywhere;

  • The most current versions, even when the industry standards change;

  • An insanely affordable cost-per-view .

As this year ends, get your staff and students the gift that keeps on playing. An All-Access Pass to the Phlebotomy Channel streams the most up-to-date and engaging phlebotomy training videos in the marketplace. See why schools and hospitals around the world trust the Phlebotomy Channel to flawlessly deliver high-caliber training videos on demand. 

Plus, with real-time tracking, you'll get a full report on who watched the videos you assigned and when. You'll also be able to assess their comprehension with the CE quiz accompanying every title.

Check out the full-length previews we've posted for every title as well as a promotional video highlighting the features we've build into the platform at

Start streaming. You'll be amazed how convenient it is.

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