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Single-Use Tourniquet Jumps the Pond

by Dennis Ernst • September 01, 2016


Single-use tourniquets are becoming increasingly popular as a means to reduce the spread of healthcare-acquired infections. A UK-based company hopes to expand its single-use product to the North American market.

Tournistrip (AsepHealthcare), is a non-latex, single-use tourniquet that wraps around the arm and sticks to itself, making for an uncomplicated one-handed release. The material is designed to provide tension and allow for adjustments. As it's not elastic or rubber, it doesn't pinch the skin. According to ASepHealthcare, a clinical comparison trial showed the product is considered superior to the current generation of disposables and a viable replacement for re-usable tourniquets to reduce healthcare-acquired infections.

TourniKidz, a pediatric version of the product, is smaller, more comfortable, and includes imagery that gives it a friendlier, less-medical appearance,designed to distract patients from the blood draw. Tournistrip and Tournikidz can be branded with a hospital logo or other customized imagery.

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