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Survey Says: Attribute wish list

by Dennis Ernst • August 09, 2017


Last month we asked our readers and visitors to our web site what attribute they wish their supervisor would improve upon? For supervisors, we asked what they'd like to see their staff improve upon. We last asked this question in 2010, and it appears the priorities of those who responded has changed.

In 2010, the top four attributes supervisors wished their staff would acquire were:

  1. teamwork
  2. initiative/time management
  3. dependability
  4. professionalism.


This year, the wish list's top four include:

  1. technical knowledge/skill
  2. dependability
  3. communication
  4. professionalism.

Among front line staff, the top four attributes they wish their supervisors would acquire in 2010 were:

  1. recognition/appreciation
  2. communication
  3. organizational skills
  4. trustworthiness.

This time around, the top four were:

  1. recognition/appreciation
  2. fairness/impartiality
  3. discipline/enforcement of policies
  4. staff advocacy. 

Some comments:

  • She has a favorite..... not cool. This person spends most of the day texting, I've brought it to the Manager many times .... it still continues
  • We constantly are short staffed and put under a lot of pressure. When the expectation is to follow policy and procedures which are time consuming and to get thru a massive work load something has to give and mistakes occur.
  • Being transparent and explaining to everyone, when there are changes in protocols, procedures, and changes in lab personnel that will be working in an area. Too many times, it's "well, we will tell you more when we have more decisions made" or a statement that really says nothing at all about the question asked.
  • Working as a team and helping each other. Doing your job and not making others do it for you.
  • Get out from behind the desk and work a total shift with us!! Be a phlebotomist for the day!! Because not everything on paper works in the real world as planned.
  • Stop the gossip and stop playing favorites. It's sad when it's so prevalent in the work place.
  • None of my managers (5 different ones) have ever seen me doing phlebotomy, not once in six years. I'm a good and conscientious phlebotomist, but not all of my colleagues are. The managers need to come out of the office and observe how we do our jobs.

This month's survey: This month, we're asking how you feel about phlebotomy certification. 

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