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Survey Says: Continuing Education

by Dennis Ernst • April 06, 2016

Blue target_croppedLast month we asked visitors to our web site and newsletter subscribers if they regularly participate in a formal continuing education exercise in phlebotomy, how frequently, and who provides the exercises. We conducted the same survey in 2008 and wanted to see if the trend is changing.

Do you regularly participate in a formal continuing education exercise in phlebotomy (i.e., one that measures comprehension of the exercise material)?

In 2008, 50 percent of those responding indicated they do, with 67 percent engaging in continuing education annually. The rest participated monthly. This time around, 76 percent of those responding participated in continuing education, half of them annually and the other half monthly.

Eight years ago, 62 percent found CE exercises on their own, whereas 37 percent worked at facilities that provided it for them. This year, 54 percent provide their own CE exercises.

Sixty-one percent of those responding indicated they always found their CE exercises valuable, Thirty-one percent found them valuable only sometimes. The Center for Phlebotomy Education was listed as the most common source of CE material (28 percent) with Healthstream (12 percent) and ASCLS (9 percent) coming in second and third. Certification agencies, product vendors, CEU Inc, MediaLab, Mayo Clinic, CAP, and "original material" collectively comprised 39 percent of the sources. Twelve percent didn't know where their CEs came from. 

For informal continuing education, i.e., without formal CE credit, the Center for Phlebotomy Education was the source for 45 percent of respondents. The second and third most frequent sources were product vendors and original material.

This month, were turning our readers and visitors into legislators by asking "If you could make a law affecting everyone who draws blood from patients, what would it be?" We're also turning it around the other way and asking what laws they'd apply if they could to the patients from whom they draw blood.

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