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Survey Says: Lab Week recognition

by Dennis Ernst • June 08, 2017

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Last month we asked our readers and visitors to our web site how their facility celebrated National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week in April, and if phlebotomists were recognized in some unique way. To our utter surprise, 30 percent of those responding said their profession was not celebrated. Of those whose facilities did celebrate Lab Week, 38 percent indicated phlebotomists at their facility received special recognition. Among those employed at facilities that celebrated Lab Week, 62 percent said it had no effect on how they feel about their profession. Six percent said it made them feel worse. Among those who said Lab Week was not celebrated where they work, lack of appreciation was cited most frequently as the reason. Some comments:

  • The Lab staff decided to recognize the week. We brought in food and snacks each day for the entire clinic to enjoy. Handmade posters announcing the week were hung in several places that week.
  • Not much thought was given to outpatient/outreach phlebotomists, the inpatient staff had much more in the way of celebration. We all received a t-shirt, but ours arrived after lab week.
  • There are three phlebs that work for our ASC. We are pretty invisible to the rest of the staff. Pretty sad.
  • For all the lab does we are mostly forgotten.
  • It was like no big deal, but to us it was a big deal because we love what we do.
  • Sweets day. Luncheon provided by pathologist group. T-shirt gift.
  • Phlebotomists are not appreciated in our facility.
  • My facility in particular doesn't do anything fancy and it is a shame. The majority of the hospital is not aware of the week or what we do.
  • We are only recognized for two days out of the whole week.
  • We celebrate lab week every year, but it mostly has turned into coworkers just wanting the free food. It's a shame but the Phlebotomist are really not included. Yes, they receive free food just like anyone else, but they are considered the unwanted part of the lab. The reason I know this is because before I became an MLT, I was a Phlebotomist. They majority of the lab techs only treat you with respect if you are "one of them." It's so terrible because the phlebotomist's are the front line to accurate testing.
  • All lab employees had opportunities to participate in all activities.
  • The lab celebrated as a whole.

This month we're asking readers and visitors to our web site what their facility's policy is on identifying patients, and if they follow their policies. Take the survey.

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