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Survey Says: What other jobs do you perform?

by Dennis Ernst • July 27, 2016

Lady listeningRecently, we asked our subscribers and visitors to our web site what other procedures and tasks they perform besides drawing blood samples. 

Eighty percent of those who responded said phlebotomy was their primary duty. Ten percent said it was their only responsibility. Of the 90 percent who had other tasks, collecting nasal and throat swabs, performing point-of-care testing, and collecting drug screens were in the greatest percentage (58%, 51%, 48% and 41% respectively). Thirty five percent collected naso/pharyngeal swabs, while 32 percent performed EKGs.

Nineteen percent perform bleeding times. Another nineteen percent performed TB skin tests. Sixteen percent conduct breath alcohol testing. The same percentage collect arterial blood gases. Seven percent assist with bone marrow aspirations, while six percent make blood smears in the patient's presence. 

Some additional comments:

I also am rooming patients, assisting providers, performing quality control, calibration, running in house lab tests, preparing send out lab tests, proficiency testing, analyzer maintenance, and checking provider order entry for errors.

I insert IV lines and assist with fine needle aspirations

Skin scraping, urine and faecal specmen, urea breath test, calcium absorption test, glucose tolerance tests, short synacthen test, cortisol midnight swab, blood cultures, PICC line, etc.

X-ray, immunizations, physicals, casting

Height and weight

Retinal scans, H. Pylori Breath Tests, Chain of Custody collections, Sweat Chloride collections.

Urea breath testing for Helicobacter Pylori. Bladder Cancer urine (Cxbladder) collection. Buccal mouth washouts for genetic testing.

Sweat Collection


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