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From The Empowered Healthcare Manager Blog

by Dennis Ernst • May 04, 2016

EmpoweredManagerWelcomeScreenShot_500wEvery month we run an excerpt from our editor's popular blog, The Empowered Healthcare Manager.


The Top 15 Things You Won't Hear an Empowered Manager Say:

15. I sure wish I would have reviewed her background check.

14. [Starting any sentence with] To be perfectly honest with you...

13. [Ending any sentence with] ...just don't get caught.

12. That skull­-and­-crossbones tattoo on your hand... was that there when I hired you?

11. We only had five complaints on you last month. Good job.

10. I'll wait to see if the problem goes away by itself.

9. Nobody up the ladder is pushing me, so they must be satisfied with the quality of my work.

8. Only fifteen more years until I can retire.

7. It's already four o'clock. There's no sense in working on [your most dreaded task] today.

6. I wonder if I've gotten any emails in the last ten minutes.

5. I could easily delegate this to someone, but I think I'll do it myself.

4. I wonder if [name any employee] is a good fit here.

3. Who should I complement this month?

2. By the noise level out there, it sounds like the staff is really scrambling. I think I'll close my door.

1. I wonder why I wasn't invited to the leadership workshop.

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