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The Empowered Healthcare Manager

by Dennis Ernst • June 06, 2016

EmpoweredDE_130wWhat winning feels like

Whether you manage or not, here's what winning feels like.

  • You can't remember the last time you had to intervene on a personal dispute among the staff.
  • You make good progress weekly on some major---­­­I mean MAJOR---­­projects.
  • The only time someone quits on your team is when they retire, relocate, or become ill.
  • Those above you keep giving you bigger projects and more important responsibilities.
  • Those below you never come to you with problems unless they also have a solution.
  • Complaints go up the ladder, praise goes down and sideways.
  • Failure is always attributed to a process not a person, even when it's a thought process.

We are all managers. Some manage a staff, others manage themselves. When you're empowered to win, it looks the same either way.

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