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Those who perform skin punctures must adopt recent changes to the industry standard

by Dennis Ernst • March 04, 2021


Center for Phlebotomy Education's YouTube Channel Art

The Center for Phlebotomy Education's YouTube Channel features high-quality, standards-based educational and inspirational content for anyone who performs, teaches or manages blood collection procedures. This month's featured video discusses key changes to the CLSI skin puncture standard (GP42). Not only must every manager use this document to update their procedure manual, every educator needs to make sure their training materials reflect the current standard, not one that is no longer relevant. If you're a phlebotomist or other healthcare professional with blood collection responsibilities, you'll need to make sure your practices are also up to date. This video not only summarizes the changes that took place in October when the revised standard was released, it details what can happen if you choose not to get current. 

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