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New Preanalytical Training Video Released

The 3rd edition of Preventing Preanalytical Errors is now available

by Dennis Ernst • March 12, 2021


Producing any video during a pandemic that requires filming inside a hospital may seem impossible, but we just pulled it off.

The 3rd edition of Preventing Preanalytical Errors is now streaming on the Phlebotomy Channel and available on DVD. Fully re-scripted, revised, and updated to reflect the current CLSI standards, this video counts down 12 categories of errors that include 40 of those most commonly committed by phlebotomists and other healthcare professionals. Errors discussed within the 12 categories include:

Preventing Preanalytical Errors cover
Now available on DVD and streaming
  • patient misidentification
  • sample mislabeling
  • improper mixing
  • incorrect order of draw
  • improper centrifugation
  • storage and transportation errors
  • errors that cause hemolysis
  • errors the impact potassium results
  • pumping the fist
  • hemoconcentration
  • combining the contents of two tubes
  • prolonged tourniquet constriction
  • contamination from IV fluids
  • underfilling tubes and blood culture vials
  • failing to meet test requirements
  • delays in processing

Written, directed and produced yours truly, I've spent about 800 hours putting all the elements in place for this ambitious project (no joke!) including 12 script revisions, 15 production revisions, two full days of filming on location at two Michigan hospitals and hundreds of hours reviewing and selecting footage. I think you'll love the results. 

Highly researched, impeccably accurate and meticulously edited, I wrote the script with emphasis on the impact these errors have on test results and patient care. Not only that, but access to the streaming version Includes access to CE questions for inhouse use and certification maintenance. (Processing P.A.C.E. credit requires an additional fee, but using it for inhouse CE credit is free.)

Watch a preview and to subscribe for instant access. 

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