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What's Wrong Here?

Can you spot the error in this image?

by Dennis Ernst • August 07, 2020

Professionalism, Safety

scrub cuffs dragging the floor
These cuffs are waaay too long.

What's wrong with this picture? I guarantee something isn't as it should be. Actually, it's probably my biggest pet peeve: scrubs that sweep the floor and deliver pathogens everywhere the "professional" goes. Even home.

If the cuffs of your scrub pants touch the floor, make it a point to hem them up so they aren't a fraction less than an inch-and-a-quarter off the ground (32mm). Your patients don't want someone else's deadly microbes brought into their room, the grocery store doesn't want the bugs you brought from work in their produce department, and your family doesn't want you to bring work home with you. 

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