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Phlebotomy in-house CEs now come with a kicker

Our most popular downloads are not bundled in a 3-day BOGO.

by Dennis Ernst • September 28, 2021


As you know, we've been delivering the industry's most affordable and accurate information for inhouse continuing education (CE) for over two decades. As my parting gift (more about that in tomorrow's blog post), I'm giving away the complete set of SmartChartsTM with every purchase of our complete set of Abbreviated Teaching Modules (ATMs). But you have to act before Friday.

ATM and SmartChart downloads

Abbreviated Teaching Modules---The complete set consitst of 36 short articles on a wide variety of topics your collection staff should know. Simply distribute them to your specimen-collection personnel, collect the answers to the accompanying quiz, grade them, file them, and get on with your day. That's three years worth of inhouse CEs with the answer keys in one download. See the list of titles.

SmartCharts™---Six charts in PDF format that give managers, educators, and healthcare professionals concise summaries on the most common preanalytical processes that require continuous quality improvement such as:

  • Blood specimen handling and processing;
  • Investigating Elevated Potassium Results;
  • Analyte Stability;
  • Blood Sample Collections During IV Starts.
  • Blood-collection Errors and Their Impact on Patients.
  • Dead-space Volumes for Common IV Catheters.

For more information or to purchase SmartCharts separately.

This BOGO only lasts THREE DAYS! Act before the end of the day Thursday, September 30, and you'll automatically get both sets. After that, you'll have to purchase them separately.

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