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Phlebotomists Recognition Week!

Read how AMT created a week just for phlebotomists, and join us in celebrating.

by Shanise Keith • February 09, 2022

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Hello Phlebotomy Today Readers,

I am excited to have AMT featured as a guest blogger to help bring attention to Phlebotomists Recognition Week. A week that AMT was able to get nationally established. Can you believe that up until 2020 phlebotomists did not have any sort of special recognition during the year? Sure, we were/are included in Medical Lab Professionals Week (April 18-24), but it is definitely nice to have our own week now, because phlebotomists deserve their own time to be celebrated for the amazing work they do. It's my new favorite week of the year.

Read more about it below, share your support for our new week, give AMT some love for creating it, and please join us in recognizing and celebrating phlebotomists everywhere. 



Show Your Pride: Phlebotomy Recognition Week, February 14-18, 2022

Practicing the art and science of phlebotomy takes a special talent. It’s knowing the science of a good draw and the art of managing the patient to enable an effective interaction.

Phlebotomists are justifiably proud of their profession and their unique skills and abilities. Sheena Robinson RPT(AMT), RMA(AMT) shared why she was drawn to the practice, “How you can find things out through blood always fascinates me, so becoming a phlebotomist was a no brainer. The very first time I had a needle in my hand in class, I was sweating bullets thinking I can’t do this. Then I did it, and it was like riding a bike. Phlebotomy came naturally to me, and now I have been doing it for 12 years. I actually have patients that follow me around to different locations in my area just to make sure I draw their labs.”

Phlebotomists like you and Ms. Robinson are why the American Medical Technologists (AMT) established Phlebotomists Recognition Week (PRWeek) in 2020. The special week is right around the corner, starting on Valentine’s Day, February 14 through February 18.

Please join AMT in promoting this important event that recognizes the phlebotomist’s vital role in patient care.

You can help raise awareness of the profession today by downloading AMT’s free promotion toolkit or by purchasing fun phlebotomy themed items to help celebrate the week or all year long. AMT’s website offers everything you will need, including a promo guide, free poster download, images for social media, and motivational products to order.

You can also show your phlebotomist pride by sharing social media posts or posting about what activities you are doing to celebrate. Be sure to tag #AMTPhlebotomistsWeek #NationalPhlebotomistWeek in your posts.

Here are a few more stories from phlebotomists about why the art and science of the profession is both challenging and rewarding:

“Overall, this field is not for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of discipline and training to be able to move quickly in an emergency situation and still be successful at retrieving a good specimen because seconds count. I am honored to have been able to help so many people over the years, and I plan to keep going until I can't go any more.” Amber King RPT(AMT)

“It had always been my dream to work in a healthcare setting. I enjoy being a part of a team that makes a difference in each one of my patient’s lives.” Renee Wright RPT(AMT)

“I feel that my job is just as important as a nurse or doctor's because drawing blood is where it really all begins in ultimately getting an answer to the problem and finding a cure.” Bonnie Clay RPT(AMT)

“After 13 years in phlebotomy, I left to run the family business distributing dairy products with no people interaction. I was in a position where I could have made more money and better benefits. However, I lacked what I truly loved, phlebotomy and all that goes with it, the care for people, the perfectionism, the joy of helping others in a team setting, being depended on to make a real difference in someone’s life. So, after three months, I went back to doing what I was made for, being a phlebotomist! My happiness returned immediately, and I was back in a setting that I believe I was born to be in. I am now back at a large system in a lead role again, and I can say without a doubt that I love being a phlebotomist.” Michael Lane RPT(AMT)

“I’d have to admit that I wasn’t initially drawn to being a phlebotomist. It chose me. A blood draw is an absolute art for me. Phlebotomy takes patience and skill. You must respect the process and maintain a level of confidence that allows patients to feel at ease with the procedure. I have been a phlebotomist for 19 years and have become exceptionally good at it. For me, the experience never gets old. It’s so important to know when to listen, which is another way of gaining your patient’s trust. I absolutely love my responsibility as a phlebotomist; it is truly a rewarding occupation and experience.” Paulette Johnson RPT(AMT), RMA(AMT)

“I was drawn to be a phlebotomist because I wanted a career that was rewarding and challenging and could afford me the opportunity to serve mankind. The field of phlebotomy is growing and changing both technologically and in scope of practice. Phlebotomists serve various roles in today's laboratories, including as clerks, patient representatives, data entry team members, IT, and many more. This dynamic and innovative field causes me to wake up in the morning with enthusiasm and inspiration to face each day for what it is, and for this I look to the future with excitement.” Owen Coakley RPT(AMT)

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