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The Center for Phlebotomy Education is throwing a conference this fall and you should definitely join us!

by Shanise Keith • May 26, 2022

Phlebotomy News, Professionalism

Hello my friends, 

I have some very exciting news! 
As you may have heard, the Center for Phlebotomy Education is holding a Phlebotomy 'Boot Camp'. It's being held September 27 & 28 in Northern Utah at Thanksgiving Point, a beautiful venue right in the heart of Silicon Slopes. 

I'm delighted to tell you that WE ARE GIVING AWAY A FREE TICKET to the conference for one lucky winner! Instructions for how to enter to win are at the bottom of this page. Continue reading for more info and links.

Along with a lucky someone winning free entry, we are providing DISCOUNTS for those who fall into the categories below:

  • 20% off for current students who are in a program where blood collection is under their scope of practice.
  • 20% off for students who have graduated from a program withing the last year where blood collection is under their scope of practice.
  • Varying discounts for companies/facilities who wish to send multiple employees.
  • Contact us at [email protected] for more info about discounts.

This event is open to anyone who performs, manages, or teaches blood collection. We welcome phlebotomists, nurses, MAs, lab techs, EMTs, supervisors... anyone involved in blood collection should consider attending this conference. It does not matter how experienced you are, there will be basic-to-advanced topics, and plenty of info for everyone no matter their experience or skill level. 

This two-day event will cover many topics, including:

  • How to maintain a blood culture contamination rate of <1%.
  • The science behind syncope and how to prevent and handle it.
  • Strategies for difficult draws from populations such as geriatric, pediatric, IV drug users and more.
  • A review of the current CLSI Standards, new industry equipment, and industry changes over the last couple of years.
  • Common improper practices and misinformation that you may not be aware of, along with a review of phlebotomy basics.
  • Phlebotomy-related lawsuits (including real-life cases) and how to prevent them from happening to you and your workplace.
  • How to properly place peripheral IV starts, blood collection issues when an IV has been placed, and how to use the PIVO system.  
  • And so much more!

We will have a practice station with blood collection equipment and fake arms for those who wish to practice the skills and equipment we will be discussing (this includes basic equipment such as butterflies and straight needles along with more advanced equipment such as IV's and PIVO). 

I am also excited to let you know that we have many phlebotomy educators attending, so we have planned to have at least 1 special breakout session where we will be sharing: 

  • Resources and strategies for teaching. 
  • Expectations and trends of the phlebotomy workforce.
  • Tips for helping students get hired and be a great representative of their training (including soft skills and resume building).
  • Phlebotomy-themed activities and games to play with students that will keep class lively and increase student information absorption.

We also plan to have a round-table session just for educators where they can address individual topics and hear great info and solutions from others in similar positions.

Attendees will receive PACE CE credit for attending sessions, and we are working on getting sessions approved for AAMA CE credit. There will be awesome raffle prizes, and each attendee will receive a T-shirt and tote bag with phlebotomy-themed goodies designed especially for this event. This event is also catered, and will include breakfast and lunch for attendees both days. 

    Please share this information with anyone who may be interested. The topics at this conference will benefit both veteran and new healthcare workers alike. Attendees will be able to return to their work with a wealth of knowledge to ready to share with others that will positively influence their patient's experiences and lead to improved protocols, increased sample integrity, and reduced chance of injury to employees and patients.

    Early bird pricing is $300/person, and has been extended until August 15th. After that the price goes up to $350. We accept all major forms of payment, including Shop pay, which allows the purchase to be split into four smaller payments. Spots are limited, so reserve yours soon to ensure you can attend. 

    It's seriously going to be SO MUCH FUN!

    To earn a chance to win a ticket for free admission to the conference please complete the following steps:

    1. Share your excitement or interest about the event on social media by posting about it on at least one platform - LinkedIn, Facebook, Tiktok, or Instagram (links to pages below). With every post you share about the event your name will be added to the drawing again (up to 5 times). Each page has a post about the conference that you can share, or feel free to make your own original post and add a link to our page.
    2. Follow or like us on the social media platform/s you choose. 
    3. Tag the Center for Phlebotomy Education in the comments of your social media post.
    4. Fill out a contact form (second button on the page) and comment that you are entering to win a free ticket. Let us know how many times you posted and we will add you to our list of possible winners!  


    For more info check out the conference registration page here.

    Or sign up for email updates concerning this event here.

    Check out our social media pages:

    If you have any questions or concerns about this event, please email us at [email protected].


    Below is a half-size and full-size printable flyer. Feel free to save these to print and hang it around the office, or email it to those who may be interested.

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    Hi there, will this event be available via the internet/ webinars for those overseas?

    Liz , 05/26/2022 17:09:53

    Virtual Options

    Liz, great question. I am looking into having a virtual option for those who cannot attend in person. No promises, I'm not sure if it will happen, but I'm going to try to get something set up :)

    Shanise Keith, 05/26/2022 18:21:55

    Sounds fun, interesting, and educational. I wish I could go. Schedule conflict this year, but maybe next year?

    Lisa, 05/26/2022 23:22:59

    Jacqui Hough

    Although from UK If permitted I would be interested in attending I haveva long history of working with Dennis hope he would be presenting.

    President UK National Associatio, 05/27/2022 06:36:34

    Jacqui Hough

    Although from UK If permitted I would be interested in attending I haveva long history of working with Dennis hope he would be presenting.

    President UK National Associatio, 05/27/2022 06:36:36

    Great Idea

    I second the idea of an online option. I am located in the Caribbean and it would be great to attend.

    Damion Davis, 05/30/2022 17:29:41

    Will there be exhibits/booths for companies?

    Please see above. Thanks

    Alan Kartholl , 05/31/2022 13:09:55

    Response to Alan

    Please email me at [email protected] and we can discuss :)

    Shanise Keith, 06/02/2022 16:31:59

    would love to attend if there was a virtual option. still would like a goodie bag also lol!

    Kimberly Garcia, 07/15/2022 08:15:52

    would love to attend if there was a virtual option. still would like a goodie bag also lol!

    Kimberly Garcia, 07/16/2022 15:08:42


    Will Dennis Ernst be speaking at this event?

    Tania, 07/25/2022 16:58:18

    CLA - Traveling Phlebotomist

    I am so thrilled at the prospect of attending in person ! I have followed your work for years and your dedication & passion for this profession is outstanding !

    Maryam Arnaut, 07/28/2022 21:58:41

    Hello all, thank you so much for your interest. We love to hear from our subscribers. We are still looking at virtual options, but with the way we have the sessions planned it may not work out this time. We are considering doing a separate virtual event for those who cannot attend in person this time. There will be more announcements to follow.

    Dennis Ernst is not attending, but he is excited about this event. Maybe we can get him to attend in the future.

    Shanise Keith, 08/01/2022 17:48:21

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