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Phlebotomy Training Post-pandemic

Two platforms have been indispensable to phlebotomy educators

Why streaming phlebotomy training videos through the Phlebotomy Channel is the new normal.

by Dennis Ernst • June 28, 2021


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For those who teach phlebotomy, two digital delivery platforms have become indispensable: Zoom and the Phlebotomy Channel. Funny thing, though, now that we're returning to some semblance of normal in educating healthcare professionals, both platforms remain in high demand.

That's because they've become so convenient and effective, healthcare educators are making these pandemic strategies permanent.

Designed for facilities, academic programs and healthcare systems, the Phlebotomy Channel streams the most current phlebotomy training videos on the market to your staff and students flawlessly wherever there's a high-speed Internet connection. Once you subscribe to the Phlebotomy Channel, you'll not only become more productive, you'll get:

  • Seventeen of the most accurate standards-based phlebotomy training videos on the planet;
  • Instant access anytime anywhere;
  • Access to CE quizzes to assess viewer comprehension;
  • An insanely affordable cost-per-view.

Whether you're a current subscriber or an educator who has been sitting the fence on implementing a distance learning strategy like streaming videos, the Phlebotomy Channel delivers training videos smoothly and dependably.

Schools and hospitals around the world have been relying on the Phlebotomy Channel to flawlessly deliver high-caliber training videos safely and on demand since 2011. Plus, with real-time tracking, you'll get a full report on who watched the videos you assigned and when.

Interested? Let me explain more in this video.

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