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Charts that make you smart about preanalytical errors

Reference documents that help minimize preanalytical errors

by Dennis Ernst • October 25, 2021


SmartChart blood collection documents

Are preanalytical errors robbing you and your staff of productivity? Are they costing you the hard-fought credibility among physicians you strive to maintain? Are you an educator looking for documents that summarize key preanalytical concepts at a glance and reinforce what you teach?

SmartCharts™ are yet another way the Center for Phlebotomy Education helps you and your staff reclaim your productivity, report more accurate results, renew physician confidence in your laboratory’s reports, and teach key concepts every student and new-hire must grasp. These four documents give managers, educators, and healthcare professionals concise summaries on the most common preanalytical processes that impact test results and require continuous quality improvement. SmartCharts are designed for posting where specimen collection and processing personnel frequent and as reference materials to provide information and instruction on a variety of error-prone preanalytical processes.

The set of six SmartCharts™ include:

  • Blood specimen handling and processing; (3 pages);
  • Investigating elevated potassium results; (5 pages)
  • Analyte stability; (3 pages)
  • Blood sample collections during IV starts; (6 pages)
  • Blood Collection Errors and their Impact on Patients; (2 pages)
  • Dead-space volumes of Commonly Used IV Catheters. (2 pages)

SmartCharts are available as individual downloads or as a complete set. For more information and to purchase and immediately download.


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